PlayerMaker: Introducing the new training tool that could shape the way football analytics are measured

This bit of kit is designed to improve performance by measuring crucial analytics, which are reported to an app, that aid better player development.

It's already being used by Premier League clubs, including Fulham. While Championship side Millwall have adopted the PlayerMaker in training.

SunSport spoke with Guy Ahron, PlayerMaker's CEO, who revealed: "A few years ago we were looking at the sports and technology industry and we saw data becoming a big part of football.

"So we thought about how can we can turn this data into information that could help coaches, athletes and players make decisions in near to immediate time.

"In order to build the best players of tomorrow, you have to make better tools available for them to improve their performance."

The device, which is to be worn on both foots, helps players and coaches with the technical, tactical and physical side of the game, collecting data on key metrics and can be monitored on a phone or tablet.

"We use sensors that go on the footwear and all the players where it, strapped to their boots during training and in matches.

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"The sensors know if you make a pass, a run or interception, and we're also improving the technical ability of the player.

"Pass completion with both feet, number of touches, how many balls they lost and retrieved, etc., as well as the tactical level with things like passing metrics that'll help coaches.

"Our vision is to allow any player around the world to make the best out of their performance.

"We want to add those extra percentages for professionals and help them to be the best they can, as well as help academy players get into the first team."

PlayerMaker has already attracted many professionals, and although some are demanding discretion from Ahron and his team, we can reveal Fulham, Millwall and Wimbledon have jumped on board.

And in 2019, Wales will start using it in training too.

Tony Strudwick, the head of performance for the Welsh national team, said: "We require quality insight on our young players.

What does the PlayerMaker measure?


  • Number of touches
  • Leg use % (right vs. left)
  • Number of one-touch, quick-release and dribbling possession
  • Number of passes and pass completion
  • Number of regains


  • Team in possession analysis – possession time, number of passes per possession
  • Team out of possession analysis – regaining time
  • Passing network


  • Distance covered
  • Sprint and high-intensity distance
  • Number of sprints
  • Top speed
  • Biomechanical load
  • Acute:chronic work ratio

"The PlayerMaker allows us to track key information throughout the talent development pathway."

Ahron added that interest in the PlayerMaker remains high.

"Significant teams in the Premier League and Championship are using them on a day-to-day basis, as well as in Serie A.

"We also have academies in China and the US who are trialling it too. We're hoping it's the start of a football revolution."

For more information about PlayerMaker, visit their website for details.

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