Raul Meireles hilariously dances in cringeworthy clip as Liverpol hero appears on lip sync show

The former Liverpool star, 35, and original football hipster rocked the stage while performing a routine on a lip sync programme in his native Portugal.

Wrapped up in bandages and with a sort of makeshift bandana around his head, the Champions League winner with Chelsea did a cover of Antonio Variacoes' 1983 'hit' 'O corpo e que paga'.

Before performing his routine, Meireles told the audience: "Since everybody enjoys me because I think I'm Antonio Variacoes, for the first time in my life I'm going to be Antonio Variacoes."

The song – which was released in 1983 – has a title that translates as "the body's the one who pays it".

And Meireles' heavily tattooed body, flailing wildly on stage to the music, stunned fans on social media.

One said: "Raul Meireles is an incredibly strange man."

Another posted: "I can't believe how many times I've watched this now. I can't not look at it."

One comment read: "Hahahaha what the f*** this man is on another level."

A fellow user wrote: "What a hero!"

Another posted: "I still want to be more like him."

One said: "Wish I could dance like that."

And one observant viewer wrote: "I never knew Bradley Wiggins was on Top of the Pops."

Meireles, who was in the Prem from 2010 to 2012, last played for Fenerbahce before hanging up his boots in 2016.

These days he appears to enjoy grooming his impressive beard and doing boxing training.

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