Redskins’ Josh Norman rips Titans’ Taylor Lewan for taunt: ‘Ultimate disrespect’

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman said Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan committed the "ultimate disrespect" by mocking Norman on the Redskins' sideline after Saturday's game.

The two men had a brief altercation Saturday after Lewan appeared to say something to Norman, who was sitting on the bench following the Redskins' 25-16 loss. Norman threw his helmet at Lewan, who was seen on video pretending to shoot an arrow — mimicking a celebration that Norman has used in the past.

Lewan said after the game that he sought out Norman because he believed the Redskins cornerback was trying to injure running back Derrick Henry in the fourth quarter, calling it "B.S." Norman addressed the incident for the first time with reporters Wednesday. 

"Oh, you was coming for your running back? Well, you should have made the same excuse for your quarterback, because you sure didn't do a good job blocking for him," Norman told reporters in Washington. "We got young tackles and young ends and they ran through your face. Literally, that's what he should have been worried about, his quarterback walking off the field, something wrong with (his) arm. That's what you should've been worrying about."

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