Riley Sartain-Vaughan gets revenge on MLB prospect husband with bat flip of her own

This past weekend, Noah Vaughan, a 12th-round pick of the Athletics in 2018, sent a high fly ball deep into the air and flipped his bat to celebrate. 

His wife, Riley Sartain-Vaughan, normally would have been happy for him. But the former softball infielder at Texas A&M was the pitcher victimized by the viral moment.

The hit was one thing, but the emphatic bat flip took it to another level.

“I slept in the backyard after that one,” Noah said on Twitter.

The clip of Noah taking his wife deep made its way around social media, but Riley wasn’t about to let her husband get the last laugh.

First, she brought the junk. 

Then it was Riley’s turn at the plate. Sweet, sweet revenge.

“We are pretty much competitive in everything we do,” Riley told espnW . “With board games, it is war. We play monopoly a lot. Usually, it ends with the winner raining money down on the loser, which can be very annoying if you’re the loser. We like to compete in a lot of ways, whether it’s playing wall ball, running sprints or anything athletic-related to beat each other every day.”

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