Steve Cohen offers humorous ‘Bobby Bonilla Day’ plan for Mets fans

The possible changes keep coming.

Hands-on Mets owner Steve Cohen has used his Twitter account to respond to a bevy of ideas, including bringing back “Old-Timers’ Day” and putting the team’s newfound Robinson Cano money to use.

Now, he’s apparently thinking of celebrating one of the franchise’s biggest nightmares.

Cohen had other ideas on how to commemorate the famously odd arrangement.

“Let’s take a vote,” he wrote. “How about we have a Bobby Bonilla day every year .Hand him an oversized check and drive a lap around the stadium.Could be fun”

One fan took the idea even further, saying “Genius! And have a shirt giveaway that says ‘Bobby Bonilla got a million dollars today and all I got was this shirt’”

“That is a winner,” Cohen replied.

With the Mets on the hook for Bonilla’s payments until 2035, maybe Cohen should just make the best of it.

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