Super Bowl commercials: Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, Budweiser, Old Spice and David Beckham half naked… all the best ads from over the years

WITH over 100million viewers in America, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest dates in the US calendar.

And where there's such a huge audience, there's an opportunity for advertisers that they will break the bank to take.

A commercial during the Super Bowl doesn't come cheap and executives try their utmost to make them catchy, memorable and creative.

The first AFL-NFL Championship Game 51 years ago cost £32,000 for a 30-second advert.

In recent years, the price has risen to nearly £4million and this year's broadcasters CBS are expected to start at the same amount.

It usually means paying a lot more in production costs and A-list talent to make the most of their 30 seconds in the spotlight.

The Space Jam movie came four years after Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny initially teamed up in a Super Bowl advert.

Anyone remember the “Whassup?” advert while “watching the game, having a Bud”, that too started out as a Super Bowl commercial.

Here are some of the best from over the years…

Nike and Air Jordan with Bugs Bunny (1992 and 1993)

Budweiser 'Whassup?' (2000)

Old Spice's steamy commercial (2010)

Budweiser's founder on his journey to America (2017)

Doritos, a flying pig and a jetpack (2015)

Victoria's Secret Angels playing American football (2015)

David Beckham for H&M (2014)

Kate Upton for Carl's Jr (2012)

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