Team GB athletes face being kicked out of Tokyo Olympics if they catch Covid in Japan as chiefs try to avoid outbreak

TEAM GB stars who catch Covid-19 in Tokyo will be kicked out of the Olympics.

In the newly-published IOC and IPC Playbook for Athletes and Officials, there will be a number of counter-measures in place to avoid any potential coronavirus outbreaks this summer.

If anyone provides a confirmed positive test during the Games, they should “immediately begin isolating” and inform their designated Covid-19 Liaison Officer.

Infected individuals will “either be required to continue isolating or be hospitalised” and more significantly, they “will not be allowed to compete”.

Depending on the symptoms displayed, the location of any isolation period could be a “government-approved isolation facility” not the Athletes Village.

Anyone deemed to be a “close contact” of a positive case will be retested.

All the athletes will be tested at least every four days during their stay at the Games.

They must monitor their daily health and record their temperature for 14 days before travelling to Japan this summer.

They must also prepare a list of all the people they expect to have close contact with – for example roommates, coaches, physiotherapists or immediate team members.

Contact with others must be kept to a minimum and using public transport is forbidden.

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As reported earlier this week, Olympians must “avoid shouting, cheering and singing” and will be encouraged to clap their compatriots instead.

This would suggest that singing the national anthem would be banned by the organising committee refused to answer questions on this at a media briefing on Wednesday.

Gyms, tourist areas, shops, restaurants or bars are all banned to avoid the spread of the killer virus.

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