Thank Tom Brady for Josh Gordon’s revival with the Patriots

If Josh Gordon’s career has reached its turning point, he has Tom Brady to thank for helping him.

The Patriots’ newest weapon credited Brady and the Patriots for helping him focus on football and get his once-derailed career back on track. Part of Gordon’s rehabilitation started when the Patriots placed his locker right next to Brady’s, which he said helped establish a connection between the two.

“It’s good to be able to be in such close proximity to learn from him. I look up to the guy,” Gordon said, via ESPN. “He’s done everything right, so I just enjoy the time being around him.”

The Patriots took a flier on uber-talent Gordon earlier this season, taking on his substance abuse issues, multiple suspensions and falling out with the Browns’ organization all for a fifth-round pick. Coach Bill Belichick has taken on similar reclamation projects in the past, and the Patriots have begun to see the high-reward in the low-risk move.

Despite being brought on slowly into the Patriots’ offense and dealing with a hamstring issue, the 27-year-old has 622 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 10 games between New England and Cleveland this season, which equals the total amount of games he played between 2014 through 2017 due to multiple suspensions.

“It’s night and day — huge difference,” said Gordon of his conditioning. “I think I’m as good as I’ve been.”

Over the last six weeks, Gordon has grabbed the bulk of his production: 481 receiving yards and two touchdowns, including a big one in the Week 13 win against the Vikings last Sunday.

His three touchdowns are the tied for the most by any Patriots wide receiver and is an early sign at the connection he’s established with Brady.

“I came in with the idea he was a hard-working guy, and he’s done nothing but shown that continuously and consistently,” Gordon said about Brady. “He’s a family man, he loves his family, FaceTiming with his kids, which is something I can relate to with my family, my kids. He enjoys the game and everything that comes with it.”

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