‘The Bachelor’: Chris Harrison promises a turbulent ride with Peter this season

When the newest season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” premieres on Jan. 6 (8 EST/PST), starring pilot Peter Weber, be ready for a lot of aviation jokes. But also expect emotions to soar all over the place. .

“It’s a very sincere, emotional, pun-intended turbulent season,” host Chris Harrison tells USA TODAY.

Harrison says Peter, who was second runner-up and a fan favorite during Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette” last summer seemed to fluctuate a lot as he tried to narrow down what and who he was interested in. Unlike previous contestants, for whom it’s easy to spot physical and emotional types, Peter was “hard to read.”

“You had a guy who really doesn’t have a type, and had a tough time figuring out exactly what he’s looking for in life,” Harrison adds. “While that makes for great TV, it also makes for a bumpy ride down the road.” 

Viewers should be prepared for physical bumps, too. Peter suffered a “freak accident” in Costa Rica that required stitches, and the show will address it.

“We will definitely cover Face Cut 2019,” Harrison says. “That will, no pun intended, literally bleed over into 2020.” The incident didn’t affect taping, and Peter wanted to get right back to work.

“While it seemed pretty dramatic and pretty bad, it wasn’t that horrible of an accident,” Harrison says. “He got some stitches and a bandage and we moved on.” Fans will have to wait for the particulars. “You will find out in detail what happens, I can tell you that,” Harrison says.

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