The fallout from Francesa-WFAN Ballentine madness: ‘Bizarro Land’

By all accounts, it’s calming down. Now we see if Mike Francesa has calmed, too.

There are merely ripples around WFAN after the quake that struck Tuesday, when Mike Francesa called in to “Boomer & Gio,” incensed by Boomer Esiason calling his comments on Corey Ballentine “idiotic,” and feeling as if he had been taken out of context.

The mess that ensued, which included a back-page spot on some Post papers, overwhelmed the hosts of the morning show, who emceed an NYPD gala Tuesday night.

“The fact of the matter is that, it’s WFAN, everybody listens, and obviously the NYPD, we have a lot of big fans over there, and a lot of people that listen in cruisers on the way to work and everything else,” Esiason said to open the show Wednesday. “They all heard everything (Tuesday) and they were having a lot of fun at our expense (Tuesday) night.

“For us, all I can tell you is that, it’s Bizarro Land over here. There’s like two universes. The reality one, and then there’s other one. Every now and then, we get dragged into the other one. And the other one is kind of fun to be part of a little bit, and then you come out of it and you’re like, ‘OK, phew. I landed on my feet, I’m OK.’”

Francesa had barked at the pair a day earlier after they joined the masses in criticizing the person who had shamed the Giants for drafting a player who later got shot. Ballentine is OK.

“As I told the audience (Tuesday) night, we’re all about de-escalation, not escalating things,” Esiason said. “… As Jim O’Neill, the commissioner, would like to tell his NYPD folks, de-escalate the situation. Handle yourselves with poise and grace, and everything will be fine. So, that’s how we do things here.”

Francesa, meanwhile, did his own version of an apology Tuesday afternoon. Of course, it didn’t contain the word “sorry,” but he did make it clear that Ballentine, the sixth-round pick, getting shot was through no fault of his own.

“The Giants turned out to be just unlucky, he didn’t turn out to be a bad kid. It wasn’t his fault,” Francesa said. “They just walked into a bad situation. That makes it even worse. … It was a terrible, tragic event no matter what happened, but the question was what was the storyline. We didn’t get that until today. He and his friend hadn’t done anything wrong. It’s more of a horrific story.”

And this afternoon we see if Francesa has thrown his last rock for the time being.

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