These Goddamned Suns Have Fired Their Goddamned Coach

The bottomlessly dysfunctional Phoenix Suns, who absolutely cannot get anything right, ever, have fired innovative head coach Igor Kokoškov after one season at the helm of their flailing, utterly incompetent and incoherent basketball program.

Hard as hell to reconcile the messaging, there. If they’d planned on bringing him back, if they’d been encouraged by the team’s “stronger play” down the stretch of Kokoškov’s first season, if he’s a “well-respected tactician,” what could possibly have prevented the organization from, uhh, not firing him? Truly it is only a madman who looks for any discernible pattern in the dealings of that hell team. Here’s a downright staggering glance inside their incomprehensible process:

Because any time you have a late opportunity to jump into the competition for a retread sporting a 173–221 record as an NBA head coach, you shouldn’t hesitate to shit-can a capable and innovative coach who’d started to make progress with your slim-pickings-ass roster. Contract this organization! Get rid of them once and for all!


Kokoškov ends his Suns tenure with a 19–63 record, having been the fourth coach in four years to lead the team to fewer than 24 wins. Whatever he does next will be better than the job he just lost. The Suns organization is a mess; the roster is a pile of flaming diapers. Just get rid of them!

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