Tyson Fury ‘did 15 rounds straight’ in training for Deontay Wilder bout as rival shows off shredded torso ahead of fight

TYSON FURY is more than ready to go the distance with Deontay Wilder after sparring for 15 consecutive rounds in a scorching gym, according to ex-champ Dimitriy Salita.

The Gypsy King and the Bronze Bomber will finally reunite in the ring for their trilogy fight on July 24.

The fierce heavyweight rivals went face-to-face last week for the first time since Fury battered Wilder in their February 2020 rematch.

WBC champ Fury has been dividing his time between Miami and Las Vegas in the buildup to the fight – ensuring he is putting himself through a gruelling training process.

Former Ukrainian boxer Salita has been keeping a keen eye on Fury's training and warned Wilder he is in incredible shape.

Speaking to MyBettingSites.co.uk, he said: "I was in Miami with Tyson, and he is in great shape for Wilder next month.

“I went to the gym, and he did fifteen rounds straight with no break. He’s training hard. Tyson is in phenomenal condition and great spirits.

“From a pure boxing point of view, he looks like he’s ready to fight next week.

“He’s in great shape; strength-wise, cardio-wise, skill-wise. Timing-wise. He’s never going to be Mr. Olympia, but don’t judge the book by the cover.

"The gym in Florida is like 97 degrees with humidity. After a couple of rounds, the ring floor heats up, and then the ceiling heats up. It’s close to being a sauna.

“For a little 140 pounder like me, it’s challenging, but for a guy like that. As big as he is, it shows he’s in phenomenal shape to be able to do fifteen rounds in those conditions.

“He’s a truly world-class athlete in every sense of the word.

“Tyson has been training throughout the whole process to get better, learning new things. And he’s so mentally strong that I don’t see ring rust or being out of a ring as a problem.

“At that level, it may even help him against Deontay. I don’t see how being out of the ring has hurt him based on what I saw in the gym.”

Wilder gave Fury the silent treatment at their press conference, preferring to do his talking inside the ring.

And it appears as though the 35-year-old will not cut any corners as he seeks revenge.

A clip posted online shows Wilder looking ripped as he works up a sweat with a skipping rope inside the gym.

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