Tyson Fury getting Covid was 'fishy,' claims his OWN sparring partner

Tyson Fury’s positive Covid test was ‘fishy’ because he ‘wasn’t doing too well in the gym,’ claims his OWN sparring partner Michael Hunter… just days after Deontay Wilder accused the Gypsy King of ‘lying’ to buy more time for their trilogy

  • Tyson Fury had to pull out of Deontay Wilder fight after contracting Covid 
  • Fury’s sparring partner Michael Hunter claimed the situation seemed ‘fishy’
  • Hunter said Fury ‘wasn’t doing too well in training’ in the lead-up to Wilder fight
  • Wilder accused his rival of ‘lying’ to postpone their fight and buy more time 
  • Fury hit back at Wilder and has repeatedly said he’s not to blame for the situation

Tyson Fury’s positive Covid test has drawn more scepticism with one of his own sparring partners Michael Hunter claiming the situation seems ‘fishy’ because the Gypsy King ‘wasn’t doing too well’ in his preparations for Deontay Wilder.

The British world champion was due to fight Wilder in Las Vegas on July 24 but their trilogy clash had to be postponed until October 9 after Fury contracted Covid.

Heavyweight contender Hunter was brought in for sparring sessions to help get Fury ready to face Wilder for a third time and revealed he was struggling in his camp.

Tyson Fury’s positive Covid test seemed ‘fishy,’ according to one of his own sparring partners

Michael Hunter (R) was brought in for sparring and claimed Fury’s camp wasn’t going to plan

The American suggested something underhanded could be at play as he cast doubts over Fury’s withdrawal just days after Wilder claimed he was ‘lying’ to buy more time. 

Speaking to FightHype, Hunter said: ‘We do know that he wasn’t doing too well in the gym, but not enough to call the fight off.

‘To me, it was kind of funny because, on the first day, they said, “Somebody on this team got Covid”.

‘And then the next thing we heard was Tyson got Covid. So I thought that was a little fishy.’

Wilder accused Fury of ‘lying’ about testing positive for Covid alongside a picture and video of himself hitting the pads with trainer Malik Scott

Fury has since hit back at his rival on Twitter, labelling him a ‘real piece of work’ and a ‘p****’ 

A furious Fury hit back at Wilder last week after the Bronze Bomber said he is ‘going to hell’ for lying about having Covid.

In response, Fury wrote on Twitter: ‘This man is a real piece of work. A real bully excuse maker. Not a warrior or a man at all.

‘Beat the mug 2 times. I’ve battered him and his trainer. But still talking s***. Real p******.’

Speaking exclusively to Sportsmail last month, Fury insisted that he was ‘the last person to blame’ for the situation, and was adamant that he had kept his inner circle small as he doesn’t favour a ‘large entourage’.

But his promoter Bob Arum – who was under the impression that Fury was fully vaccinated – took no prisoners as he ripped into Fury and his camp for the ‘f*** up’.

Fury’s positive test meant his fight with Wilder subsequently had to be pushed back to October

Fury’s promoter Bob Arum was furious with him and his camp, calling the situation a ‘f*** up’

Arum said: ‘He said that he got the first shot when he was in Miami and then he had to wait the two weeks.

‘He didn’t want to get the second shot because he heard that people had a reaction from a second shot and he didn’t want to lose any training time.

‘They told me he was vaccinated. I assumed it was two shots. Who gets vaccinated and doesn’t (get the second shot)? He only had one shot. I never knew that he hadn’t (gotten the second one) until he got sick.

‘I really screamed at all of them. It was a complete f*** up. The people in the gym, I mean, we had no controls. It was like every sparring partner brought his friend. SugarHill (Steward) had these Russians (he trains) running around.

‘There was absolutely no precaution taken, which a lot of it was our fault. We should have been the adult in the room.’

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