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TYSON FURY has all the advice in the world for little brother Tommy juggling a new baby and the biggest flight of his life.

The 23-year-old and his Love Island darling Molly-Mae Hague announced the birth of their first child on Monday night.

But, just 48 hours earlier, a topless Tommy had been in a Wembley ring announcing his February 26 showdown with American YouTuber Jake Paul with a scuffle.

Injuries and visa issues have twice forced Tommy to pull out of the Saudi Arabia spectacle which has been two years in the making.

And Tyson and dad John have both vowed to disown Tommy if he loses and shames the fighting family name.

The pressure and clock are counting against Tommy but his 34-year-old WBC heavyweight king sibling has been through almost identical struggles – twice.


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In 2021 – after nights spent sleeping on hospital floors and jogging around car parks – Tyson showed incredible courage and professionalism to leave poorly newborn Athena and wife Paris to fly to Las Vegas and demolish Deontay Wilder in their iconic third clash.

And, in 2009 on the night his first baby was born, Tyson was away in Ireland winning his ninth pro fight – and is still getting it in the ear to this day.

The father-of-six and now proud uncle, said: “When my first baby Venezuela was born I was actually boxing on the same night in Dublin.

“She arrived early and [I] got an awful lot of earache for it on the day and it’s still going now.

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“You miss one birth – out of however many – and you never hear the end of it.


“But Tommy is getting paid well and lots of people have to miss out on family things for their work.

“Having babies is one thing and working is another.”

Paul, a 26-year-old former Disney actor, bulldozed his way into the boxing business with x-rated trash talk, mismatch fights and questionable antics.

The 6-0 pro even announced the birth of Tommy’s baby prematurely on Saturday and labelled the Brit an "arrogant, egotistical p****".

But Tyson is no stranger to controversy and criticism himself and sounded every inch of the 6ft 9in veteran that he is, with his sage advice.

“I will never call anyone out for things they have said in the past because I have said so much bulls*** in my life,” the Gypsy King grinned.

“When you are coming up and trying to get famous, you have to do and say a lot of s***.

“Look at Kim Kardashian and what she did to get famous! I can’t get into that.

“To get popular and famous enough to sell tickets and become a pay-per-view star, you have to do some crazy-a** s***.

“Whether it’s Jake Paul calling Conor McGregor names, or me having a go at everybody, or Tommy going in Love Island, you have to do what you have to do.

“I will never point the finger at anyone because of all the s*** I have said over the years – and will probably continue to do so.”

One bullish statement Tyson is not apologising for is his vow to exile Tommy to the Middle East if he is beaten by Paul.

Tyson has given his little bro every bit of advice he can – on three particular topics he is an expert on – and now the genes have to do the talking.

If he comes up short, he won’t just leave him behind, he’ll force him into labour as Cristiano Ronaldo’s keep-fit lackey.

“Tommy is his own person so he has to do his own thing,” Tyson said.

“My dad has trained him and advised him and he has all his own people working around him.

“The only things he asks me for advice on are; trash talk, marriage and rearing kids.

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“I have told Tommy that if he loses he has to stay over in Saudi and become Ronaldo’s personal trainer. He agreed. 

“He will have to spend his loser’s purse on a nice little flat out in Saudi and look after Ronny’s gym.”

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