Tyson Fury's draw with Deontay Wilder 'not a great fight' blasts Eddie Hearn but he admits Gypsy King proved him wrong

The promoter believed the British star won the bout by two rounds and he admitted the Gypsy King proved him wrong… again.

Fury, who claimed he was denied the greatest comeback in boxing history, looks set to be granted an instant rematch by the WBC.

Speaking about the result, Hearn told iFL TV: "That shocked me, I had Fury winning by two rounds. Is the draw a robbery, no not really, but Fury won the fight.

"If you're scoring it two rounds to someone, one round around the other way and it's a draw, but in my opinion Fury won the fight.

"In 90 per cent of people's opinions, he [Fury] won the fight, the draw was not great but the 115-111 was a joke.

"It's a seven round swing, that's too much inconsistency; we have had it multiple times in fights."

Fury has since called for Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin to be banned for life after he scored the fight 115-111 in favour of Wilder.

Regardless of his praise for Fury, the promoter has claimed that the fight wasn't great because of the lack of punches thrown.

He said: "It actually weren't a great fight, if you watch it back, some rounds – look at the punch stats.

"There was very, very few punches thrown, but what it was was dramatic.

"With the knock down in the 9th, which was a weird one, and of course the moment in the 12th was unbelievable and I give him a lot of respect."

"I spoke to him [Fury] yesterday, and I do give him a lot of respect for his performance, I didn't even think the fight would happen because I didn't think he [Fury] was ready for that kind of fight.

"I didn't think his body would allow him to go through camp for that kind of fight.

"I also give credit for Ben Davison and I give respect for him, because I didn't think he was ready for the big occasion like that."

Speaking about the American's performance, Hearn added: "It was hard to give him a lot of rounds, he didn't do a lot, he was poor and Fury was great."

Hearn had his doubts about the Gypsy King before the fight, but he has admitted that he was proved wrong.

He said: "I'm holding my hands up, Fury proved me wrong, again, I didn't think he'd beat [Wladimir] Klitschko, he did.

"I didn't think he'd beat Wilder, he should've, so I give him the respect, I give Fury the respect. You know the getting up from the 12th was great."

Hearn, who promotes AJ, has claimed that the fight has worked in Joshua's favour because it has got everybody talking.

The 39-year-old added: "This is good for Joshua because I want people to question him, he's going to smash them all, believe me when I say that.

"He's going to absolute destroy Deontay Wilder and I believe he also knocks out Tyson Fury."

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