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KSI and Logan Paul are holding their final press conference ahead of Saturday's massive LA rematch.

Fight week is well underway with the weigh-in tomorrow, before the huge bout at the Staples Centre.

  • Paul reads out criticism from KSI's own trainer Jeff Mayweather.

    KSI tries to brush it off but Mayweather said he had to remind KSI's team that he is “not a real savage”.

  • Paul: “I have been sparring 10×3 rounds and knocking all of my sparring partners out.

    “What's 5×5, this one is easy? It's 25.”

  • Logan Paul asks KSI for 11×11.

    Paul says he does not know what the hell he is doing here – and I know what he means.

  • Paul claims he can hear KSI's heart beating across the room, he says KSI is shaking and has tiny fingers…

    Nope, me neither.

  • KSI admits he was not ready for his last fight as Paul had not shown much potential.

    KSI: “I still, pretty much, beat you.”

    I am not sure if “pretty much” counts.

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