Wayne Rooney raked in £20million this year, earning £55,000-a-day, despite leaving the Premier League – The Sun

England's all-time leading scorer, 33, quit Everton to head to the MLS – joining DC United – in June.

And today, the accounts for Roo's company, Stoneygate 48, have been released and revealed just how much the he earned in 2018.

In fact, Rooney made a 37 per cent increase in earnings this year to boost his total assets to a sky-high £18.97m – a £5.11m boost.

The numbers were revealed for the year leading up to March 31, 2018 – just before Rooney quit England to fly across the pond.

Rooney set up his Cheshire-based company – along with Paul Stretford – in 2002, the same year he was controversially talked into signing an eight-year deal with Proactive Sports Management.

Stretford was charged with improper conduct by the FA for not reporting the deal despite the fact Rooney already had representation at the time.

Meanwhile, Rooney has admitted he would one day love to manage Man United.

Speaking after Jose Mourinho was sacked, Roo claimed: "I'm doing my coaching badges. It's something I'm passionate about.

"Football is what I know, what I grew up with. It would be foolish if I didn't try and go into coaching.

"If I'd like to manage Manchester United… of course! One day that would be my absolute dream if that could happen. It's a massive club.

Meanwhile, current boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has explained how a text from Rooney helped him bring some smiles back to Old Trafford.

Rooney went on to say: "Once Ole got the job, I thought I’d give him a message of congratulations and my feelings of how it’s been from speaking to some players and what I felt needs to change."

"First of all get the lads enjoying playing football, that’s what the lads wanted. [Ole] is definitely the guy to get make them do that.

"Not just the players, the whole football club. I’m sure Ed Woodward was the same, the staff, the kitchen ladies, the kit men, they weren’t enjoying it.

"Ole is the person I know straight away the staff are happy and as you’ve seen today, the players also."

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