What are sausage kerbs in Formula 1, and why have they been criticised? – The Sun

F1 is back, and that means the return of sausage kerbs.

However, they were fiercely criticised after a number of accidents in last year's calendar.

What are sausage kerbs?

These kerbs sit off the track on fast corners of the track and can look like little ramps.

They have been in place across motorsport for some time, but they are a relatively new introduction into Formula 1.

The objective of them is to discourage drivers from running wide.

This was as they looked to reduce the number of collisions into barriers and potential damage to cars going off road.

Why have they been criticised?

Simply, they are not working and making matters worse.

Sophia Floersch's horrendous crash at Macau last year, in which the German driver flew in the air, landing in the fence on the street circuit, was one of the first incidents.

Peroni's accident in Italy is another prime example, while Red Bull team principal Christian Horner claimed that the sausage kerbs had caused £250,000 worth of damage to them at Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Following Peroni's crash, the damaged sausage kerb was removed, causing a delay to proceedings.

Motorsport is already in a state of shock following the death of 22-year-old Anthoine Hubert, who lost his life after his car was split in half after a crash in the Belgium Grand Prix.

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