Who is Paul Casey’s wife Pollyanna Woodward and when did golfer and ex-Gadget Show presenter marry? – The Sun

PAUL CASEY is back in golf action this weekend.

And he will have the support of wife Pollyanna Woodward.

How did Paul Casey and Pollyanna Woodward meet and how many children do they have?

Both Pollyanna and Paul are in their second marriages, and met each other just after both they're individual divorce settlements had gone through.

They met at Formula 1 Chequered Flag Ball at 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and become engaged during the Christmas period in 2013.

The couple have two children.

Who is Pollyanna Woodward and how old is she?

Pollyanna is most well known for her role as co-presenter on The Gadget Show, which she held from 2010-2013.

Before this fame, she competed in Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, the show that produced Girls Aloud and was a top 10 finalist in Miss England.

She also features as a columnist for How It Works magazine and was previously a technology correspondent for TalkSPORT.

Woodward also appeared as a contestant on television show Splash! in January 2014.

Does Pollyanna Woodward use Twitter or Instagram?

Pollyanna's TV career has lead to her accumulating a large online following

Pollyanna is very active on Instagram, constantly uploading photos of her busy lifestyle, she can found at @pollyannawoodward.

She's very popular on Twitter where her username is @PollyannaWW.

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