WWE legend Ric Flair undergoing surgery today for unknown problem

WWE legend Ric Flair is undergoing surgery today for an unknown problem.

NBA icon Charles Barkley broke the news of the operation last night as he wished the 56-year-old well before the medical procedure.

The 56-year-old followed his shout out during the NBA halftime show of the Mavericks and Nuggets game with the Nature Boy’s famous “Woooo”.

PW Insider later confirmed Flair, 70, was in hospital although the exact reason for the op is still unclear.

No links have yet been made to the 16-time world champion’s health scare two years ago.

Flair had part of his bowel removed after experiencing an intestinal blockage.

Following surgery he spent a month in hospital and also had an external pacemaker fitted to help retain a normal heart beat.

Speaking to Busted Open Radio in October 2017, Flair said: “When I got out I only weighed 206 pounds, I lost 43 pounds.

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“I couldn't walk, I couldn't even twist the top off a Gatorade bottle.

“I could stand on my legs, but I couldn't walk, so I had to go to a rehab place for 20 days of physical rehab where they make you walk with a walker, and then a cane, and then you learn to walk by yourself.

“That took a while, and then I couldn't drive a car.

“I ate anything in the world, but couldn't gain any weight because all the food I was consuming was going towards repairing internal tissue that was ruined because when I went into the hospital my kidneys failed, I had respiratory heart failure and I had pneumonia all at the same time.”

Flair did not appear to be too worried ahead of his visit to the hospital.

The two-time Hall of Famer posted a photo of him back in his pomp on Twitter last night.

It was captioned with: “When You Realize Tomorrow Is Friday! WOOOOO!”

When You Realize Tomorrow Is Friday! WOOOOO! pic.twitter.com/rAY69IUbSC

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