WWE Universal champ Braun Strowman drowned and bitten by snake in Extreme Rules main event against Bray Wyatt

UNIVERSAL CHAMPION Braun Strowman was drowned and bitten by a snake during his whacky Swamp Match against Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules.

The Monster Among Men defeated his former mentor to successfully defend his belt at Backlash.

The title was not on the line this time, but their cinematic showdown away from the ring still produced several crazy and memorable moments.

Strowman arrived back at the swamp and found Wyatt waiting in his familiar rocking chair, which was soon smashed to bits by the champ after his foe had vanished.

A group of mysterious men were then easily disposed of by Strowman before he was taken down by a shot with a shovel to the back – by himself!

After turning round, he received a huge shock to see the old version of him – the black sheep – had struck him and was about to do so again to knock him out cold.

He awoke in a shack with Wyatt talking to him, telling him that  in order for Strowman to become the monster he was meant to be, Wyatt must destroy the monster he has become.

Strowman refused to believe the claims of Wyatt being his friend before he was confronted with a huge snake which proceeded to bite him.

He woke up after the bite next to some fire and the group of mystery men again attacking him.

Strowman not only beat them up again, but he set one on fire as he laughed maniacally before Alexa Bliss made a shock appearance.

She appeared in the form of Sister Abigail and tried to tempt Strowman towards the water by asking him to “come home”.

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Strowman ventured to the dock but was promptly attacked by Wyatt leading to a struggle on a boat before the pair got back to where they started, only for the Eater of Worlds to end up being kicked into the water.

The title holder thought he had won, but he was quickly dragged down into water himself and failed to emerge as Wyatt had transformed into The Fiend and rose out laughing.

It looks like things are being set-up nicely for a third and final showdown between the two for the title at SummerSlam next month.

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