17 Throwback Pictures of Ted Danson That Are Basically The Good Place


Ted Danson turns 74 today, and it’s been almost three decades since we saw the actor and resident silver fox play Sam Malone. 

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He played the bartender/owner of Cheers/former Red Sox player with a head of hair that simply defied the laws of physics for the show’s 11-season run. 

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Oh, yeah, and Sam Malone was also loved Diane Chambers (played by Shelley Long). Feel free to photoshop your face onto this photo.

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Imagine walking into a bar and having this face staring back at you, asking if you’d like your martini shaken or stirred.

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If he were behind the bar listening to all of our problems, we’d never stop talking. 

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That man wore a flannel like no other. 

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And tiny boxer shorts that, TBH, we wouldn’t be mad if he brought back for an episode of his upcoming show, Mr. Mayor

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It’s perfectly sunny, but for some reason Ted Danson is wearing a raincoat. We trust him more than our local meteorologist, so we’ll grab ours, too. 

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Young Ted Danson’s jawline is so powerful, we’re pretty sure it could cut you if you got too close. This photo is from 1976 and we’re still recovering. 

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Bartender by day, dapper Danson by night. You’ve got to admit, he cleans up really well. 

Here, he’s pictured with his second wife, Casey Coates — with whom he shares two children — at the 1983 Golden Globes. 

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The beginnings of a silver fox. Every now and then, Danson let his natural greys peek through, like he did at the International Broadcasting Awards in 1983.  

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Danson traded comedy for drama when he starred opposite Glenn Close in the TV movie Something About Amelia. The movie won a Golden Globe in 1985, and Danson walked away with the award for best actor in miniseries or motion picture for TV. 

Danson has been nominated for 12 Golden Globes, and won three times. 

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If we were the baby from 1987’s Three Men and a Baby, we would not look this annoyed hanging out with Ted Danson and Tom Selleck at a photo call. But that’s just us.

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Danson has also been nominated for 17 Emmy Awards, winning twice so far. One thing’s for sure: He has an award-winning smile. 

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Danson met Mary Steenburgen on the set of Pontiac Moon in 1993, and the pair have been #CoupleGoals ever since. They married in 1995. 

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Even with his hair short, Danson is still handsome as ever. 

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In conclusion, this is how we feel when we see photos of Ted Danson. 

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