2018 in Review: The 25 Character Deaths That Just About Killed Us

The Grim Reaper clocked in some major overtime in 2018. Heck, 50 TV characters perished in May alone — and that was just on the five broadcast networks! But not all TV deaths are created equal. While some of the casualties left us stirred but hardly shaken (we’re looking at you, Empire‘s Tori), others will haunt us well into 2019. Our latest year-end roundup focuses on the latter.

Yep, we mourned a lot of favorites in 2018, from those we saw coming (like This Is Us‘ Jack and Ray Donovan‘s Abby) to those that took us completely by surprise (like Fitz on Agents of Shield and Bill on Killing Eve). 

Saddest TV Deaths of 2018

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It goes without saying that this gallery spoilerphobe’s worst nightmare come true. If you’re not caught up on any of your favorite shows, think twice before proceeding. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Everyone else, browse our gallery of the dearly departed above — or click here for direct access — then drop a comment below: Which TV deaths wrecked you in 2018?

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