5 Episodes Are Missing From South Park On HBO Max

All 23 seasons of the iconic animated TV show South Park are now available to stream on HBO Max, but there are five episodes in particular that are not on the streaming platform due to their controversial nature. Here’s why and which ones you won’t find on the streaming service.

The episodes “Super Best Friends,” “Cartoon Wars” Parts 1 and 2, and “200” and “201” were not released on HBO Max because of their depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

These are the same five episodes that were removed from Hulu when the show was streaming there. The episodes also got cut from rotation on broadcast TV re-runs.

Doug Herzog, the former boss of South Park network Comedy Central, told The Hollywood Reporter back in 2016 that these episodes were removed due to concerns about the safety of the production team.

HBO Max bought all 23 seasons of South Park for a reported $500 million. The show remains popular and on the air, with new seasons coming through the end of 2022.

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