7 massive Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Cain Dingle finding out the truth

CAIN Dingle is a man on a mission in Emmerdale next week when he finally discovers what his wife Moira has been getting up to with Nate behind his back. But will his actions have deadly consequences?

Here’s the lowdown from the Dales…

Faith tells Cain that Moira’s having an affair

A troubled Faith tells Cain that she believes Moira is having an affair.

The only problem is Faith thinks it’s with Pete as Cain accidentally pushes Moira and Nate closer together by telling them to go to an agricultural show together.

A seething Cain then sets a trap for Pete.

Cain kidnaps Pete

An oblivious Pete heads to Butlers after getting a call from Cain but is not expecting him to knock him out and tie him to a chair.

After getting a beating from a furious Cain, Pete is forced to reveal that Moira really is having an affair, but with Nate, not him.

Realising what he’s done, Cain races off to the hotel Nate and Moira are staying in, with revenge on his mind.

Cain confronts Nate

Nate and Moira are uneasy when Cain coerces them into his car and drives them to a lake for a fishing trip…

On the tiny vessel Cain takes Nate to task over his affair with Moira but gets more than he bargained for when the truth about the farmer's true identity is revealed. 

Moira’s in deadly danger

As Cain and Nate fight on the boat, Moira gets knocked overboard and soon finds herself in a perilous position.

She gets caught up in some weeds underwater and is left struggling to get back up to the surface.

Will Moira meet a watery end?

A huge explosion means lives are in danger

As Nate and Cain continue to fight they don’t realise that a petrol can is leaking.

Before long it catches alight and a huge explosion rips through the boat.

So will any of them make it out alive?

The Woolpack reopens

It’s a big day in the village as the pub reopens after being treated for woodworm.

To celebrate, Chas and Charity throw a party, with Bob on the wheels of steel.

Chas goes into labour – in the loo

Bob warns Chas and Marlon that the builders won’t be able to fix the toilet door before the big reopening.

They go to investigate but are horrified when they realise they’re trapped without a phone between them. And with Bob DJ-ing in the bar no one can hear their cries for help.

To make matters worse, Chas’ waters break and Marlon has to help her give birth in the bogs.

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