A Place in the Sun’s couple in row over flat as wife insists ‘it’s not for us’

A Place in the Sun's couple was thrown in a dilemma when they have split opinion on a stunning sea view apartment.

Diane and John, from Derbyshire, asked Craig Rowe for help to look for a three-bed holiday home in the Spanish bolthole.

And the couple ended up in disagreement for the first time in 38 years of their marriage as the Channel 4 host took them to Torre de la Horadada in Costa Calida.

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The property offers not just one, but three balconies with sea view, as well as three bedrooms that's perfect for the couple's children and grandkids to come visit.

Craig took them inside and said: "Come on in, make yourself at home. This is the living area – light and brigh and airy. What are you feeling now you're inside?

"I mean, it is light, bright and airy, as you say. It's a bit old-fashioned though, Craig. I suppose…" John replied before his wife, Diane interrupted: "John, it's not for us.

"I don't think it's quite right for me. It's not just quite what I'm looking for."

The husband then added: "My initial kind of observation is that stunning views, it's obviously dated and it needs a bit of TLC, but I think seeing beyond what it is now, I can see what it could potentially be."

As they walked around the property, they fell in love with the wide-angle view of the sea.

But Diane added: "The room is not particularly very big, but I think you could get a double bed inside."

"So I think it's worth considering this, I really do, do you?" John asked.

And Diane gave her a smile and a firm rejection.

When they met Craig outside the building again, the house hunters shared their "slight dilemma" as John admitted: "I think we've got a slight differing of opinion for the first time in 38 years."

Diane explained that she "doesn't get a connection with the property".


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