A selection of inspiring music from Ultra Naté now we are free to dance again

YOU’RE free to do what you want to do! So sang Ultra Naté in her classic house anthem Free from the late nineties.

As we emerge from the restrictions imposed on our lives, never did the sentiment in her classic track feel more important.

Her new single Supernatural, a collaboration with Funk Cartel is another future hit that lifts the spirit and welcomes everyone back to the dance floor with open arms. The perfect fusion of deep house, funk, soul and pop, Funk Cartel’s seamless production emphasises Ultra Naté’s famously sultry vocal and songwriting, cleverly overlaying bluesy saxophone and dreamy flutes to produce a brilliantly uplifting slice of escapism.

On the release, Ultra Naté said: “‘Supernatural’ is being released at a moment when the world needs this kind of energy and departure from the difficulty we’ve endured in isolation."

You can watch the ‘70s retro / Dee Lite inspired ’Supernatural' video below.

We caught up with Ultra Naté this week and asked her to compile a playlist of uplifting and inspiring music now we are free to dance again.

Brainstorm – Loving Is Really My Game

"This tune was the absolute go to as a kid raiding my mom’s vinyl collection. The opening wah wah of the guitar, followed by the punch of the horns was so upfront. I felt like it charged in with massive uplifting energy, and I needed to dance immediately! Once the vocal comes in and she starts with the line “I can’t catch no man, hanging out at the discotheque, now I believe in the boogie..whoa but the boogie don’t believe in me”! I felt that!"

Sylvester – Mighty Real

"I discovered the amazing talent of Sylvester in my early clubbing days. His classics have always had a strong gospel feel set to funky, upbeat disco orchestrations. I don’t know what could be better at 4am on Saturday night. Sylvester made you feel the struggle of life, mixed with joy and possibility as his vocals soar over the lush arrangement of this song."

Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary 

"The great Tina Turner is my spirit animal! The song “Proud Mary” is loaded with triumph against all odds but it’s the magic of Tina that really brings it to life as they build the story of those hard times. By the time this song explodes at the chorus you are fully invested. You’ve connected with the struggle and so it is a collective release when the energy erupts. You can’t help but feel like you’ve been through something after this record!"

Madonna – Express Yourself

"Always giving attitude, Madonna’s “Express Yourself” is the perfect, pick yourself up and go for it no matter what, kind of song. It’s pop perfection with an empowering message. An absolute win win."

Diana Ross – Ain't No Mountain High Enough

"Ain’t no mountain high enough. That phrase pretty much speaks for itself! It’s visceral for me, I see it and I feel it in my gut. When Diana sings that chorus I’m flying so high, and the production is so killer!"

Pharrel Williams – Happy

"I have always found this song to be fun and uplifting. It always reminds me of bebop and I can’t help but sing a long. And who can be down when you sing “because I’m happy” as you’re invited to clap along?? It’s a feel good, juke joint jam session and everybody can get in on it."

The Byrds – Turn, Turn, Turn

"I have heard this melodic composition throughout the years on radio stations far and wide. It always made me feel inspired for tomorrow, like some thing great was just around the corner. It always made me believe in possibilities, and change and hope for tomorrow."

Lizzo – Truth Hurts

"This is such a fun song and at the same time it is speaking to women and young girls in an empowering way. It is self-affirming and says hey girl it’s OK, it didn’t work out with your dude, oh well his loss. Now pick yourself up and keep on shining. No matter how strong we are and how many experiences we have been through, sometimes you just need to hear that!"

Paul McCartney – Imagine

"I try not to end up in full-blown tears when I hear this song but it’s just ridiculously beautiful. It’s so stripped down and vulnerable that it cuts straight through to the heart. Paul McCartney is clearly a legend as we all know and a consummate songwriter. When it comes to “Imagine” it seems like he just reached for the heavens and we’re all the better for it."

Ten City – Devotion

"This was a genre defining record for me as a club kid just discovering underground house music years ago. Ten City was the first live act I had ever seen on stage from the underground scene. When they got to devotion which was already a massive record in the clubs, I thought the room would explode, especially when Byron hits that high note! The production of this record was an immediate dance floor stormer and everything about it made you believe in love!"

Funk Cartel and Ultra Naté – ’Supernatural’ is out now on Skint Records. Buy / Stream HERE.

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