ABC Has Added This Christmas Classic To Its App For Free

Freeform’s25 Days of Christmas has been packed with several Christmas classics,but fans noticed that there was one classic title completely missing from the listof holiday offerings by the channel; A Charlie Brown Christmas. Insteadof showcasing the holiday classic, Freeform opted to swap the holiday classicout in favor of RaceFor Your Life, Charlie Brown, a summer-themed animated offering. Understandably,Peanuts fans were extremely disappointed. If you happened to miss theonly showing of the holiday classic on TV this year, you aren’t going to missout entirely; ABC is offering the holiday classic on their streaming platformfor free.

What is A Charlie Brown Christmas About

We have debated themerits of Christmas movies for years. While movie buffs are busy discussingwhether or not DieHard is a Christmas movie, thereis one holiday classic that can not, for any reason, be denied the classicChristmas movie distinction, and it’s not a movie at all. Noone in the worldcould ever deny that A Charlie Brown Christmas isn’t a holiday classic,but do you know the background of this yearly tradition?

According to TheDaily Beast, the holiday classic was created as a television special in1965. It has aired every year ever since, and 55-years after its debut, it’sstill the perfect holiday movie. Charlie Brown, ever the animated hero, isfeeling a bit blue during the holiday season. To lift his spirits, Charlieheads to a tree lot and gets himself a Christmas tree, but it’s a pretty sadlooking offering, mocked by all his friends. None of it helps to lift his sombermood. Eventually, everyone pulls it together in the end, thanks to Linus’dramatic reading of the Gospel According to Luke.

Where can I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas?

If you missed the only two showings of the holiday classicthis year, don’t despair, ABC has you covered. The TV special aired on Dec. 5with an encore presentation on Dec. 17, but individuals with cable televisioncan watch the special at their leisure on the ABC app or through ABC’s website.To access the content, however, you’ll need to sign in with your cable TVprovider.

If you are a cord-cutter, you aren’t entirely out of luck,explains Decider.Individuals who subscribe to PlaystationVue, AT&T TV Now and YouTube TV can also access the ABC stream of the special.Those who subscribe to Hulu + Live TV can also check out A Charlie BrownChristmas. Netflix subscribers and traditional Hulu subscribers are out ofluck, though. The special won’t be available on either service during theholiday season.

What Christmas classics can you watch on Netflix?

While A Charlie Brown Christmas is not currently availableon Netflix, there are plenty of other holiday options to queue up over the nextseveral days. Netflix is now offering Christmas with the Kranks, The Grinch andHowthe Grinch Stole Christmas. Netflix is also offering up severaloriginals during the holiday season, too.

MerryHappy Whatever, for example, is a Netflix Original series that followsthe lives of one amazingly close family as they navigate the changing holidayseason. The eight-episode series is currently trending on the streamingnetwork. It is currently in its inaugural season.

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