Abi is left to die in devastating tragedy in Corrie tonight

Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) is determined to bring down Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) in Coronation Street, but tonight (January 22), she finds herself in deadly danger.

Abi was hellbent on securing evidence to prove Ray had bribed the planning committee, and that’s exactly what she got earlier this week, when she overheard Ray having a heated debate with Susan from said planning committee.

The mechanic decided to record the conversation, and thus acquired the proof she needed.

She subsequently informed Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) about said proof, but the young girl was still upset, as she believed Ray would never pay for attempting to rape her.

Therefore, Abi devised something of a new plan, and used the footage to blackmail Ray, telling him if he doesn’t admit to attempted rape, then she’ll go to the police with the video, which would inevitably ruin his development project.

Abi has Ray right where she wants him, and — after giving him the hour he requested — she meets with the businessman to hear what he has to say.

Meeting in the backyard of the Rovers Return, Ray informs Abi her he’s willing to confess to the assault on Faye, but only under the condition that she delete the video footage.

However, things take a devastating turn, as Abi soon finds herself feeling rather dizzy. She ultimately collapses, and scheming Ray grabs her phone.

Later, at the Bistro, a livid Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) confronts Ray about the incriminating video she’s received from Abi, but she’s soon left horrified when she finds the woman in question out-cold on the floor.

Debbie swoops into action and tries to call the ambulance, but Ray takes her phone off of her, and tells her that she’s going to help him out of this mess he’s got himself in to.

Will Debbie agree? What’s more, will she let Abi die?

Coronation Street continues Friday January 22 at 7:30pm on ITV.


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