Adam Levine May Have Killed Reagan Strange’s Chance At Winning ‘The Voice’

Adam Levine’s choice of Reagan Strange over fan-favorite DeAndre Nico as The Voice headed into its semifinals episode on December 10 could potentially backfire for the 16-year-old singer, who performed her semifinals songs to the tune of backlash from fans of the eliminated Nico.

Although her performances of both her solo and duet with Kennedy Holmes were solid, will it be enough for her fan base to push her through to the finals, and will that be enough for an overall win?

Strange, by no fault of her own, is suffering a backlash from fans of Nico, another one of Coach Adam Levine’s artists, who was booted from the show one week shy of the semifinals. Both Strange and Nico found themselves in the bottom three at the conclusion of the December 4 episode of the reality competition series, alongside Dave Fenley of Team Blake Shelton.

Normally all three singers would have performed one last time for America’s votes to win the show’s Instant Save. As Strange was allegedly too ill to sing again, Adam asked fans to rally around her to push her through to the semifinals, effectively eliminating Nico.

Voice fans were outraged, including Levine’s fellow coach Kelly Clarkson.

Support for the departed Nico has grown since his elimination, leading Voice fans to wonder if any chance Reagan might have had has now been squashed heading into the show’s November 11 episode, where the season’s finalists will be announced.

Strange addressed the controversy on Twitter by stating, “I’m thankful for the opp my fans gave me to sing again. I love you all, even those who don’t want to be loved.” She then admitted, “I don’t expect some people to understand. they weren’t there.”

The news outlet 12NewsNow spoke to Nico after his elimination. The singer felt he was “sold out” by the Maroon 5 frontman.

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Nico shared his feelings about his former coach, who had promised to bring him “all the way to the finale.”

“It was just weird because I just felt like, not being rude, I just felt like he sold me out, you know? And I just don’t respect it, just being honest,” DeAndre admitted to the news outlet.

He continued, “We did our job, sick or not. I just got over laryngitis, and when I came back, I still sang. It wasn’t any of that anxiety or none of that stuff. I know she’s a little kid, but it’s like man, you could have put in some words for me at all. Like something, something.”

Team Blake’s Dave Fenley, who also sang for the save and was eliminated, seemed to substantiate this theory when he replied to a concerned fan’s tweet saying Reagan had “no illness.”

There’s even an online petition requesting Nico’s return, and it’s received over 12,000 signatures thus far.

Levine addressed the controversy by claiming all was forgiven. “It was a strange week, but it’s over now,” he insisted. “DeAndre’s my boy. I love him. We talked.”

The Maroon 5 frontman continued to confuse fans by remarking to Strange after her semifinals performance, “Regardless of what happens tomorrow and next week, I think that you have a very bright future, and it’s been an honor being your coach no matter what happens.”

Fans will find out tonight if Strange will make it to the finals or if the backlash against her and Levine will be stronger than her vocal prowess and knock her out of the competition.

The Voice airs tonight on NBC.

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