All Creatures Great and Small cast pay tribute to ‘phenomenal’ co-star

All Creatures Great and Small: Shenton shares ‘insight’

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All Creatures Great and Small returned for its third outing in September, showcasing what the gang at Skeldale House have been up to since series two. The heartwarming Channel 5 drama will be back for one more episode and this time, it is Christmas time with everyone looking forward to the holidays. There will be a very special guest joining James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) and the rest of his dysfunctional family.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from All Creatures Great and Small.

All Creatures Great and Small’s Christmas special 2022 is set in 1939 Darrowby with James and Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) waiting to find out if they will be called up to fight.

There is a sense of waiting in the air at Skeldale House but a distraction shortly arrives in the form of Jewish evacuee Eva Feldman (Ella Bernstein).

She arrives at their stunning home where she will spend the festive period in order to keep her safe.

It soon becomes James and Mrs Hall’s (Anna Madeley) job to try and make her feel welcome despite such trying times.

While speaking to and other press, Ralph and Madeley shared the same sentiment that young star Bernstein was a delight to have on set.

Madeley first stated: “It’s a really lovely storyline and Ella who plays her is brilliant.”

Before Ralph continued: “Fabulous little actress Ella who plays Eva. She was absolutely brilliant.

“I think it was her first job as well and she’s phenomenal so I can’t wait for people to see her do her stuff.”

Ralph went on to explain how Eva’s presence changes the ACGAS Christmas special, in comparison to previous years.

He said: “We almost see Darrowby through her eyes which is slightly different from previous Christmas episodes so it’s very interesting.

“A little Jewish evacuee with the different cultures coming together and different traditions around about that time of year as well.

“She brings that complete innocence and I think the actress is a little older but the character is about eight, nine years old.

“[You see] the huge changes in this little person’s life, she’s been picked up from her family home in the city, driven away on this bus with other children and dropped at this house.”

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He continued to explain how it is the residents of Skeldale House’s job to ensure Eva feels welcome.

In addition, James will try and get Eva to act as his “assistant” as Mrs Pumphrey (Patricia Hodge) requests his assistance.

So how will Eva take to Darrowby and will she teach her new temporary guardians a thing or two about Jewish traditions at Christmas?

While it is exciting to see the quick return of ACGAS, this will be the last time fans will see the show for quite some time.

All Creatures will be back for new episodes but so far, a confirmation date hasn’t been announced.

It is thought the drama is going to return sometime in September 2023 to Channel 5.

This would mean a nine-month wait until viewers get to find out what happens next in the picturesque town of Darrowby.

All Creatures Great and Small’s Christmas special airs on Friday, December 23, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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