All Creatures Great and Small’s Helen star teases ‘challenges’ for newly engaged couple

All Creatures Great and Small: Season 2's happy ending

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All Creatures Great and Small will soon be back on our screens with a Christmas Special. The popular drama series will return to show the adventures of James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) over the festive period. Channel 5 viewers will see the vet tending to animals in the Yorkshire Dales, but there could also be some relationship “challenges” in the episode too. Rachel Shenton, who plays Helen Alderson in the series, has teased what will be in store for James and Helen’s first Christmas as a couple.

Having watched James and Helen’s love story unfold through the first and second series of the drama, viewers are keen to see more of the couple.

Speaking about the upcoming festive episode, Rachel revealed what viewers can expect to see from the newly engaged James and Helen.

The actress said: “Christmas is a very nostalgic time, people look back at the last year and where they were the year before, and it gets a little challenging for Helen.

“Last Christmas she was supposed to be getting married to Hugh, and this Christmas she is engaged to James.

“Although she knows her relationship with James is vastly different to her previous relationship with Hugh, she has a real sense of the transition period they’re currently in,” she explained.

Rachel revealed Helen will find the recent big changes in her life tricky to get used to.

“Heston Grange has been Helen’s home for her whole life, but that’s changing now and she never really contemplated what life would be like for her when she met ‘the one’,” the actress noted.

Further detailing her character’s relationship with James, Rachel confessed Helen will have a lot of questions for her new fiancé.

She said: “Helen questions James a lot about their life at Skeldale and asks him ‘have you thought about this? Where do I fit in there? What will my role be? Will I still be working on the farm?’ and they’re all the things she’s trying to work out.

“Ultimately, they love each other, so I have faith that they will find their rhythm,” the actress remarked.

However, she confessed there’s one big challenge viewers will see the couple face over the festive period.

Rachel teased that like many couples and families, James and Helen will also struggle with the dilemma of who to spend time with on Christmas day.

The actress confessed: “I think their dilemma is something that every family can relate to.

“Both Helen and James feel a little bit pulled in all different directions, but the one thing they do know is that they want to be together.

“I think we will see more of those teething troubles as the both of them adjust to life together and find their feet,” Rachel explained.

The actress also reflected on what she thinks the future may hold for James and Helen.

She commented: “I think there will hopefully be lots of fun to be had about the practicalities of living with each other.

“As all of us know, there is an assumption that people get together and it’s a happily ever after.

“When in reality that’s when the real work starts!” Rachel exclaimed.

The All Creatures Great And Small Christmas Special will premiere on Channel 5 at 9 pm on Christmas Eve.

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