Ally Love To Host Competition Series ‘Dance 100’ For Netflix

EXCLUSIVE: Before the pandemic, Studio Lambert was set to bust out the moves and start production on a new dance competition series for Netflix.

Two years later, The Circle producer is restarting the choreography on Dance 100.

Ally Love, a Peleton instructor, host of the Brooklyn Nets and founder of Love Squad, is to host the series, which will start production on April 1 in London.

The series is a street dance competition designed to find the next superstar choreographer. Using 100 of the world’s best dancers — known as The Dance 100 — the eight contestants must create, choreograph, design and then perform in group dance numbers on an ever-growing and massive scale.

The Dance 100 will then determine who goes home each week.  And with every contestant that’s eliminated, the number of dancers that the contestants must use grows bigger and therefore more challenging. In the end, the last two remaining contestants must choreograph a massive street dance performance featuring all 100 dancers.

Tim Harcourt, Stephen Yemoh, Saul Fearnley, Stephen Lambert and Jack Burgess exec produce.

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