Andy Cohen Blasts Bravo for 'Summer House Winter Charm' Show Name

Andy Cohen is the king of Bravo, hosting the late-night show Watch What Happens Live and the father of The Real Housewives franchise. The television personality is heavily involved with the cable network and hosts the reunion specials for all the unscripted shows. Cohen recently aired his grievances about the name of the Southern Charm and Summer House mashup series, revealing he was not fond of it.

What will the ‘Southern Charm’ and ‘Summer House’ spinoff series be called?

Bravo recently made huge announcements about what is coming to the network in the coming months. One of the biggest revelations was the mashup spinoff series between Southern Charm and Summer House. Up until recently, fans had been calling the show Winter House. The latter made sense as most of the cast was from Summer House and they were filming during the winter.

However, Bravo officially dropped the name of the show and it was to be called Summer House Winter Charm.

“When the temperature drops, the drama heats up,” the NBCUniversal press release read. “This all-new series follows some of Bravo’s favorite Summer House and Southern Charm cast members and their friends during a two-week vacation at a ski house in Vermont.”

Andy Cohen is not happy with the name of the show

This week, Cohen went live with Craig Conover and Austen Kroll — who are part of Southern Charm and the new spinoff series. When Kroll asked Cohen what he thought of the name, the WWHL host did not hold back and reveal his real opinion.

“I never say anything publicly against Bravo but I actually saw the name and I’ve been meaning to call two people at Bravo to say, ‘What are you thinking?’” Cohen shared. “It actually is a terr… it is an aggressively… It’s not good.”

Conover said that despite the title of the show Cohen is going to love it because “it’s really good.” Cohen said he “understands that” as he has seen the whole show now.

Who is part of the ‘Summer House Winter Charm’ cast?

Conover and Kroll are the only two cast members that will appear on Summer House Winter Charm. The rest of the cast are from Summer House and a couple of newbies on neither show. From the latter show Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Ciara Miller, and Lindsay Hubbard took part in the new adventure.

When the Summer House finale aired on Bravo, the cable network aired a teaser to get fans excited for the new show. The short clip shows the cast wearing Viking gear while in the middle of a tug-of-war. Snowy mountains are seen around the reality TV stars in what looks like a huge wonderland.

Shortly after the teaser starts, bells chime and viewers can hear Gulbranson yell, “Let’s go!” In the same shot, his co-star DeSorbo is using all her strength to win this battle. The scene then cuts to the other side of the tug-of-war where Conover is doing the most to win, and Miller is right behind him using all her strength.

Cooke and Batula are then seen on the other side struggling to hold on to the rope. A brief glimpse of Kroll shows with him wearing a plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off. Hubbard is shown next, seemingly defeated as the opposite team has won.

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