Antiques Roadshow fans speechless as ‘massive wooden bum’ is valued at £1,000

Antiques Roadshow fans were flabbergasted as an object which resembled a "massive a**e" could have fetched for over £1000 at auction.

On Sunday's throwback programme the team of experts were out in full force in the Scottish region of Dundee, attempting to snap up a bargain or two.

A Scottish-owner had presented what appeared to be a shined up piece of wood that resembled the human form – which was in fact a double coconut that could be flogged for around £1,500.

The bizarre item seemed to fire up a lot of amusement from online users who had tuned in for tonight's show.

Taking to Twitter one speechless fan tweeted: "Massive wooden arse on #antiquesroadshow," followed by a shocked emoji.

Another asked: "Is that an a**e? #antiquesroadshow."

A third quipped: "That’s the first model of a baboons a**e I’ve ever seen on #AntiquesRoadshow."

While a fourth used a hilarious pun, adding: "The expert got to the bottom of that exhibit. #AntiquesRoadshow"

On the programme the expert said: "I'm a collector in the sense of an old style collector and I love the of a cabinet of curiosity and one of the most essential items in one of those is a Coco De Mer.

"Now this is a stunning object. Where did you get it from?"

The Scotsman responded: "Actually, we bought a house, quite an old Victorian house and we went up into the attic which is quite a dangerous place to be and this was in the eaves, wrapped up in an old blanket.

"Really? That’s an incredible find," followed up the astounded collector.

He remarked: "And I suppose one of the reasons it may be here is because this is a sea pod and its quite conceivable that this was picked up in the 19th century perhaps on a voyage somewhere…

"Whats interesting about it is, is that it is actually hand finished as well.

"We can see that the exterior of what is essentially a huge sea pod – a sort of double coconut has been cut back and polished.

"So it would have looked like this all over and it’s been treated to be polished in this form."

The expert went on to explain that the rare item had actually originated in the Seychelles but it's origin had been unknown for some time before it was discovered in 1768.

He also commented that because their whereabouts had been a mystery it was believed by people at the time that the item had grown on mythical trees at the bottom of the sea – which he explained added to their intrigue even more

The collector continued: "The accent Greek name of them which escapes me and I probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce actually means 'beautiful buttocks' because in fact of course they do bare more than a partial resemblance to the erm… human form.

"But all of that myth and interest behind them of course makes them magical objects to collectors still.

"And you nut is worth £1000 to £1,500."

"That’s not bad laughed" the owner.

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