Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by valuation of sapphire diamond brooch ‘My jaw dropped!’

Antiques Roadshow: Sapphire brooch valued at £10,000

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Antiques Roadshow travelled to Hatfield House in Hertfordshire in a classic instalment of the BBC series recently aired by the broadcaster. Expert Joanna Hardy was thrilled with a sapphire and diamond brooch she was asked to evaluate but she left the owner of the piece astonished when she revealed it was worth £10,000.

The guest brought along a stunning matching sapphire ring and brooch to be valued.

Explaining how she came to own them, she said: “They belong now to my mum.

“But they’re inherited pieces from her mother-in-law and in turn, they also come from her mother so we understand they’re about 100 years old.”

“Gosh,” Joanna replied and the guest added: “They have Hungarian ancestry.

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“But whether they come from Hungary I’m not entirely sure.”

Pointing to the ring, Joanna noted: “Now this one here what memories do you have? 

“Do you remember your mother wearing this?”

“I do remember my mother wearing this and it was her engagement ring that was passed to her,” the guest revealed. 

Joanna continued: “Well, this one here this is a sapphire and diamond ring. 

“The sapphire is actually a synthetic sapphire it has a big bubble in the middle of it and that is telling me that I’m afraid it’s synthetic.

“It’s [from the] 1920s platinum mount, lovely diamonds looks great in the sunlight.”

The expert revealed it was worth £800 “because it is a synthetic”.

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Turning her attention to the brooch, she said: “Now when I opened this box, my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped. 

“And that is just quite a fantastic piece because it has a lot of movement.

“It’s 1920, now unlike your ring, these sapphires usually when they were this small during this period they were synthetic but these aren’t these are natural. 

“And you’ve got wonderful cushion shaped diamonds here really lovely, sparkly and very clean and bright.

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“On the back there are some French marks, there is a maker’s mark, but it’s a bit indistinguishable I can’t quite make it out,” Joanna said. “Now do you know what kind of price?”

“I know my mother has gone to a jewellers for insurance purposes, she hasn’t passed me the information,” the guest admitted. 

Well, I would say at auction something like this would be around £10,000 pounds,” Joanna revealed. 

“Maybe that’s why she didn’t tell you,” she joked. “But I mean, it’s fantastic, it’s stunning and it to me is what a jewel is all about, so thank you very much.”

Antiques Roadshow continues on BBC Two on Sunday at 8pm.

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