Antiques Roadshow viewers ‘faint’ as owner makes really rare choice on BBC show

Antiques Roadshow saw one antique-owner openly declare her plans to sell an old box at auction leaving fans of the show floored.

Diehard supporters of the BBC programme insisted it was incredibly rare for a guest to say they intended to get rid of their possession and pocket the cash, and were very proud of her for her honesty.

Art valuer Cristian Beadman looked over the box with interest as he asked his guest to describe her item.

“It’s an old family piece but it sits under a table in the hall, I don’t actually like it very much,” she said honestly, as she joked it may look like a treasure chest but there’s certainly no treasure in it.

Having described the box – which was decorated with Mother of Pearl, bone and tortoiseshell detailing – Cristian moved on to the cold hard value.

“It’s a strong market at the moment, I should think if you put it into a decent sale room £2000-£4000,” he explained. “Maybe, that could be a little conservative.”

Thrilled with the valuation, the owner replied: “Straight down the auction mart then, mmm!”

Later, she told the cameraman openly: “Definitely going to sell it, most definitely, because it just sits underneath a table in the hall.

“I hardly ever notice it, so I’m not going to miss it,” she laughed.

Flocking to Twitter in shock at the guest’s response, one fan wrote: “Top marks for honesty ‘straight down the auction room’ #AntiquesRoadshow.”

“Well at least she's honest. We'll probably see her on #FlogIt soon enough then. #AntiquesRoadshow,” another commented.

A third praised: “Straight down the auction room! good to have honest people in the show #AntiquesRoadshow.”

While a fourth agreed: “Fair play to the woman who’s straight off to the auction house with her box #antiquesroadshow.”

Fans continued to share their amusement at the woman’s honesty, with one person laughing: “Ha ha at last a honest punter on #antiquesroadshow it's off straight for sale.”

“Finally, someone who is upfront about selling what they have brought on to be valued #antiquesroadshow,” another said in relief, followed by: “Blimey! NOBODY ever says ‘it's going straight down the auction room’ on #AntiquesRoadshow *faints*.”

“Refreshing candour from treasure box lady, I agree it's hideous and I'd be down the auction hall too #antiquesroadshow,” another person added.

Also on Sunday’s show, a woman brought a painting by her grandad of a German soldier in World War II.

It turned out that after her grandad saved the man’s life, they’d kept in touch as friends for years later – giving it immense sentimental and historical value.

The valuer told the owner the painting was likely worth £2,000, leaving her absolutely thrilled.

Antiques Roadshow continues Sundays at 7pm on BBC One.

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