Avengers Endgame fans MISSED OUT on seeing the return of Children of Thanos

Avengers Endgame brought the terrifying Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) back to the front and centre as he took on the Marvel superheroes once again. While Disney were eager to get everyone from previous films involved in the final movement, it was not entirely possible for all actors.

The final battle during the film saw literally every single superhero from the franchise arriving in once fell swoop.

Coming together to take on the titan himself, all of the fighters rallied behind Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) in an effort to fight the good fight.

This was originally supposed to be similar to Thanos and his villainous friends.

It has now been revealed one of the Children of Thanos was supposed to be making a triumphant return to the fight.

While the Children of Thanos featured heavily in Avengers Infinity War, they were promptly killed off.

Now in a recent episode of People’s Couch Surfing, Proxima Midnight star Carrie Coon explained she almost made the return in Endgame.

While Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glade, Cull Obsidian, and Ebony Maw all made returns in Endgame, only Ebony Maw had any speaking scenes.

On Couch Surfing, Carrie explained that scheduling conflicts didn’t allow her to reprise her role.

Speaking about this experience, and of the Russo Brothers, she explained: “In fact, you know, [The Russo Brothers] invited me to come aback for the final film [Avengers Endgame].

“But I wasn’t able to do it because of a conflict.”

Despite this, she joked: “But yeah, no one ever dies! It’s very possible I could have my own Avengers movie next. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

Earlier in the interview Carrie spoke about her audition process for Proxima Midnight, saying: “They were being very secretive about it, but I was given some of the lines that did end up being in the film.

“[The Russos Brothers] were excited about the possibility of me actually physicalising the character as well, and they invited me to come down to Atlanta.

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“I was pregnant and doing a play at the time, so I flew down and was on set with them for about 12 hours.”

It sounds like a lot has been cut from the series over the years, as Chris Fenton recently revealed in his latest book.

Fenton’s new book, Feeding the Dragon, tells of his time as president of a production company.

During his time in this role he worked with some Marvel alums to bring a new superhero and villain on board.

While Shang-Chi and the Mandarin – the cut characters – didn’t make it onto the end of Avengers Assemble in the end, Fenton thinks he knows why.

Fenton explained that the Beijing team at Marvel felt like Shang-Chi was a “better bet” to bring to screens, as The Mandarin had previously been portrayed in a questionable light.

He wrote: “The Mandarin looks and acts like the stereotypically derogatory Chinese man.”

Avengers Endgame is available on Disney Plus now.

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