Avoidance cast: Who is in the cast?


Avoidance is about Jonathan (played by Romesh Ranganathan) who suffers from conflict avoidance issues so when his wife Claire (Jessica Knappett) says she wants a divorce, he doesn’t handle it in the best way. The BBC sitcom consists of six episodes with the first premiering on Friday, June 10. Here’s everything Express.co.uk knows about the cast of Avoidance.

Who is in the cast of Avoidance?

Jonathan – Romesh Ranganathan

Actor, comedian and writer Romesh Ranganathan created Avoidance alongside writer Benjamin Green.

Ranganathan has been one of the leading panellists on the comedy sports show A League of Their Own for the past few years and in 2021, replaced James Corden as the host.

Since 2019, he has starred alongside fellow comedian Rob Beckett in the comedy series Rob & Romesh Vs.

In the show, the pair interview an array of celebrities and try their hands at learning new skills from them, whether it be running from Usain Bolt or songwriting with Shania Twain.

Avoidance is the first show to come from his own production company Ranga Bee.

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Claire – Jessica Knappett

Claire is Jonathan’s wife who asks him for a divorce at the beginning of the series.

She believes it would be best to tell their son Spencer sooner rather than later but Jonathan insists on waiting till the dust settles, the initial debate which leads to him running off.

Actress Jessica Knappett is best known as the creator, writer, executive producer and star of the E4 comedy Drifters.

She is also remembered as Lisa in The Inbetweeners Movie and her appearances on various panel shows over the years.

Danielle – Mandeep Dhillon

When Jonathan doesn’t know what to do, he runs off with his and Claire’s son Spencer to his sister Danielle’s house.

She is portrayed by actress Mandeep Dhillon who has been in a number of popular series, including the 2021 BBC Three comedy Some Girls.

Netflix fans may best know Dhillion as Sandy, the news reporter in Ricky Gervais’ heartwarming sitcom After Life.

Her latest roles have been in BBC Three’s Peacock, as well as CSI: Vegas last year as Allie Rajan.

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Courtney – Lisa McGrillis

When Jonathan takes Spencer to temporarily go live with Danielle, he must also face his sister-in-law, Danielle’s wife Courtney.

Actress Lisa McGrillis’ latest acting role to date has been on BBC’s King Gary as Mad Kay.

She isn’t just a comedy actress though as she has featured in some dramas as well.

These have included No Offence with Joanna Scanland and Deadwater Fell with David Tennant.

Spencer – Kieran Logendra

Spencer is Jonathan and Claire’s young son who the former takes with him on the run to his sister’s house.

While he is the youngest member of the cast, Spencer plays a pivotal role in the comedy.

It is believed that this is actor Kieran Logendra’s first onscreen role.

Avoidance premieres on Friday, June 10, at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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