Bachelorette fans are divided about Clare sending Brandon home

Clare Crawley has made it very clear that she knows what she wants on this season of The Bachelorette: Dale Moss. He is the clear front runner, but she is giving the other contestants a chance… sort of. Clare was initially flattered when Brandon Goss told her, “I never thought I would do anything like this before and when I found out that you were the Bachelorette, I just knew I had to be here.” Clare, understandably, wondered what made him feel that way. 

He said, “First off, you’re absolutely gorgeous,” and that was pretty much it. He even admitted, “I don’t know really anything about you.” He knew she was attractive, which is somewhat valid given that no one can truly “know” a stranger just from watching a TV show (or four shows, in Clare’s case). Apparently, Brandon wasn’t prepared for a follow-up question, even though he’s the one who started that conversation. Then, he said “I know there are moments between you and I when I know you feel it, too, even when we haven’t had that one-on-one time, there are moments there. You know?” Clare bluntly told him, “I actually don’t feel that,” and she sent him home mid-date. Ouch. How awkward. 

Some fans thought Clare made the right move, dumping someone who only knew how “absolutely gorgeous” she is, while others didn’t quite comprehend why she expected him to know so much about her.

Brandon Goss knew nothing about Clare Crawley before 'The Bachelorette'

Before Clare Crawley’s awkward breakup with Brandon Goss, one viewer declared, “My Twitter is officially turning into a Brandon fan account until he disappoints me.” Minutes later, the same person tweeted, “Hey at least I called that he was inevitably going to disappoint me.” One viewer posted, “Good for Clare for sending Brandon home.” Another commiserated with Clare, tweeting, “Oh my god this is painful… the only thing he can think of is that she is beautiful. NOT GOOD BRANDON NOT GOOD.”

Clare had some fans on her side, but others felt like she jumped the gun, with one person tweeting, “i … really don’t … think brandon did anything wrong … he didn’t go fbi mode on her and decided he wanted to know a person and not someone on tv? oh clare.” Someone else asked, “Clare is mad Brandon didn’t research her before coming to the show???” Yes, she is. 

Someone else accused Clare of being bothered because “Brandon isn’t automatically obsessed with her.” Another person pointed out the obvious: “BRANDON just say you wanted the clout bro its easier than these lies.”

Brandon set up his own demise when he declared that he only came on The Bachelorette for Clare without preparing a reason why, other than mentioning her looks. However, it did sort of seem like Clare expected him to be familiar with her whole Bachelor franchise journey. Nevertheless, Brandon isn’t Dale Moss, so does this really matter?

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