Baffled EastEnders fans in disbelief after discovering Kat Slater’s age

EastEnders fans were in disbelief tonight after discovering Kat Slater's actual age.

Feisty Kat first arrived on the cobbles in September 2000 with the rest of the Slater clan – but viewers were still shocked to her how old she is now.

Monday's episode started with Kat telling the rest of her family that she did not want a fuss to be made for her special day.

Kat said: "Lets get this clear. Tomorrow is going to be a normal day. No cards, no balloons, and no cake. And no one gets hurt."

EastEnders viewers then got a shock when Big Mo revealed Kat is turning 50.

Mo said: "If I turned 50 and had muscles on the go I’d hire a billboard and tell the world."

Jean claimed the message had been received and understood, adding: "A big NO to the big 5-0."

But she had a scheme up her sleeve as she enlisted Habiba's help to organise a big birthday bash.

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Stunned EastEnders viewers took to Twitter after discovering how old Kat really is.

One fan said: "OMG! Kat is 50 shut up."

"She doesn’t look 50," added another.

A third said: "Happy 50th birthday Kat Slater! You don't look a day over 21!"

"Kat Moon 50! And still a tragic old slapper," said a fourth.

However, there was a massive mix-up as Habiba was convinced that Jean was talking about Mo.

Puzzled Habiba told everyone in the cafe that Mo is actually 49 – much to their surprise.

Lola asked if that was in "dog years", while Jay joked that she must have had a "rough paper round".

Tina admitted she was only four years younger and Habiba suggested that Mo might have a condition that makes her age backwards.

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