BBC Breakfast taken off air as alarm goes off live on air ‘We’re going to have to leave’

BBC Breakfast evacuate studio live on air

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BBC Breakfast presenters Roger Johnson and Rachel Burden were forced to abruptly end an interview on Saturday morning when an alarm went off in their Salford studio. The duo swiftly ended the programme, revealing they were going to have to leave the studio.

“Ahh so we’ve been disturbed by an alarm which may mean that we have to slow things down for a moment,” Rachel said, when the alarm first went off.

“I’m so sorry everyone. For the time being we’re going to have to leave the studios. So we’ll see if we can come back before the end of the show,” she explained.

“Thank you, enjoy what you’re doing for the rest of the day. I think we are going to have to go,” Roger said.

Shortly afterwards the programme was taken off air.

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