BBC Breakfast’s Naga says England footy star Harry Maguire has a ‘slabhead’

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Things became rather awkward on Thursday morning's BBC Breakfast, after presenter Naga Munchetty discussed the size of James Norton's forehead and said it was nothing like footballer Harry Maguire's "slabhead".

Flatliners actor James appeared on the morning show via video link to discuss his new project. But Naga and presenter Charlie Stayt were eager to ask his opinions on whether he would consider playing a footballer in a film.

Though James was apprehensive about the idea of taking on a football role, Naga probed him further on it, as she previously read that he said he would play centre-back footballer Harry Maguire.

However, things became uncomfortable when, Naga mentioned that Harry was known for having a "slabhead" and she doesn't think James has one.

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Naga said: "James I read that you said you'd play Harry Maguire, so the first thing I did was look up a picture of you again and look at your forehead because you know he has a name because he heads the ball so well."

"It's not a very nice name but it's a name, he's called slabhead.

"And I don't know if that was why you thought that was one of the reasons because I don't think you have a slabhead."

Taken aback, the actor laughed but looked rather confused by Naga's statement.

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James then asked: "What are you saying? Are you saying I have an ample forehead or not?

Naga clarified: "No, I'm saying you have a fine head of hair and if you have an ample forehead, well lucky you because not everyone can boast such a thing.

"How was that?" She asked.

James then nodded and said he agreed.

Changing the trajectory of the conversation quickly, Charlie chimed: "You didn't come on this show this morning to talk to us about all that stuff.

"You're talking about your new film which is Nowhere Special."

Naga then composed herself as they continued on with the interview.

Earlier this month, footballer Harry Was Called slabhead by a reporter on BBC News after his goal against Ukraine at Euro 2020.

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