BBC’s Dan Walker responds after One Show fan is distracted by fashion item

BBC Breakfast journalist and presenter Dan Walker was faced with a query from an eagle-eyed viewer of The One Show on Monday, after he noticed that the presenter was wearing an unusual item during his interview.

Appearing via video link, Dan Walker, 44, discussed the news of a new European super football league and why fans were against the idea.

The BBC Breakfast presenter was talking passionately about the subject and ended his conversation by asking host Alex Jones what colour shirt he should wear on the breakfast show in the morning.

Though the interview went well, one viewer was distracted by Dan’s appearance and took to Twitter to point out that he had an elastic band wrapped around his fingers during the interview.

Fellow BBC music reporter Mark Savage tweeted: "@mrdanwalker has just been on @BBCTheOneShow with an elastic band wrapped around his fingers. An aide-memoir? But for what?"

But once Dan had finished from the show, he jumped on Twitter to explain to Mark the reason for the unusual band.

Dan said: "It’s because the kids fired it at me just before I was on #Confiscated."

Other fans were also glad that Dan spoke about the controversy from the news that top clubs may form a breakaway European Super League and praised him for his take on the story.

One fan penned: "The brilliant @mrdanwalker explains so clearly the reason everyone is up in arms about the #europeansuperleague Thank you."

Another fan wrote: "As someone who doesn't follow football that closely, that was a great explanation, I think I now get it!"

Father of three Dan recently announced that he would be leaving BBC’s Football Focus later this year, as he will be taking on new opportunities when his contract is finalised.

Speaking about his role on Football Focus, the star said: "It has been an amazing 12 years and I have loved every second of it.

"I am so proud of the job we’ve done, the changes we’ve made and issues we’ve looked at while the football landscape changed immeasurably.

He added: "I’d like to say thank you to the amazing team at Focus who put so much into the show each week and thank you to the audience for tuning in every Saturday."

Since Dan made his shocking announcement, it has been reported that former English footballer and presenter Alex Scott may be in the running to take his position.

Talking to The Sun, a source explained: "Alex was deemed the perfect fit for the role. After her stint on Strictly in 2019, her popularity went through the roof."

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