Below Deck exit: Why did Jessica Albert sensationally quit Bravo series?

A dramatic look at Below Deck season 9 preview

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Below Deck returned to Bravo for season nine in October and has been airing weekly ever since. Fans have enjoyed getting to know the latest crew, all the while soaking up the drama that usually comes with the series. In the latest episode, stew Jessica Albert had finally had enough of living on My Seanna and headed for the exit door.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Below Deck.

Why did Jessica Albert sensationally quit Below Deck?

Below Deck season nine, episode nine, aired on Monday, December 21, on Bravo.

At the end of the instalment which saw Captain Lee Rosbach continually frustrated with the deck team’s mistakes, there was a surprise announcement.

Stew Jessica asked for a one-on-one chat with chief stew Heather Chase first thing in the morning.

It was here that Jessica explained that she was no longer able to do the work and wanted to leave.

Jessica said: “I really, really whole-heartedly wanted to do this. But my body is just shutting down.

“I could not anticipate how taxing this would be on my system.

“And my body is just not letting me do it. I’m really sorry. I hate to put you guys in a bad place. I have to go.”

In another scene filmed in the confessional, Jessica added that she knew she was leaving the team “high and dry” but said, “I come first”.

Saying very little in response, Heather told Jessica she could go and would have just one hour to pack her bags.

It wasn’t until Jessica left to do so that Heather started expressing how she really felt about the situation, stating she was “p****d” at the young stew.

After bumping into Fraser Olender, he helps carry Jessica’s bags off the boat and before fans knew it, she was gone.

Some members of the team though were left hurt as Jessica didn’t say goodbye to anyone.

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Captain Rosbach admitted: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a crew member leave without saying something.

“Like bye, f*** you, go to hell? I did expect more out of Jess than just this silent departure.

“This is as f***** up as a Georgia road blizzard.”

The other person who felt most affected by Jessica’s sudden departure was Wes O’Dell.

Jessica and Wes were having a romantic fling on board the yacht which was cut short when she left without saying a word to him.

“She didn’t say goodbye or anything like that. And just dipped out.”, Wes said.

“I wish she would have at least waved. Acknowledged. Absolutely thought we had a connection. Still do.”

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo.

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