Ben Mitchell leads Jay Mitchell into danger in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) won’t stop until he’s got everything and everyone under his control in EastEnders, and his next target is Jay Mitchell (Jamie Borthwick).

He sets his sights on the car lot and sabotages a sale, and later calls in a favour to have all the cars stolen. Ben reveals his plans to Lola and instructs her to be an alibi and, given what he has over her, she has no choice but to comply.

He later tells Jay that the car lot is still legally his, and he wants to help him fight to get it back. Max Branning (Jake Wood) won’t know what’s hit him.

Ben puts pressure on Jay to get the car lot back and Jay is torn over what he should do – and he confides in Ruby for advice. She books him an appointment with a financial advisor and warns him not to trust Ben whatever he does.

Ruby later reminds Jay of his appointment and reminds him of her worries about Ben. Ben sees their exchange and realises he has a problem, so he uses Lexi to get at Jay.

Ben is dangerous, and if Jay agrees to going into business with him, he’ll find himself at the mercy of the unhinged lad. Will he agree to go ahead or will he see sense?

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