Ben Shephard comforts Tipping Point player as rival rushes to give her a hug

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One Tipping Point contestant gave his rival a quick hug on Friday’s show, to make it clear there were no hard feelings between them.

Ben Shephard also reassured contestant Janice, pointing out there was no reason to "feel bad" on the show.

It all kicked off when player Paul landed the first counter of the competition but decided to pass it to another contestant, playing tactically in the hopes of winning big.

Later, his rival Janice managed to steal his counter, racking up a whopping £700 in her prize pot after the drop.

However, Janice was wracked with guilt over the win, feeling the money rightfully belonged to Paul.

Watching the money add up, she exclaimed: "I feel bad!"

Paul leaned over to her podium and gave her a friendly hug, making it clear stealing was central to the quiz show, and reassured her by adding: "Don’t feel bad!"

Meanwhile, Ben made a jokey reference to Paul’s previous pass on the show, trying his best to comfort Janice.

He remarked: "Don’t feel bad! He passed the first counter – it’s karma."

Paul's luck ran out shortly after, and he was eliminated from the competition after struggling during the quickfire round of questions.

Ben thanked Paul for the charisma he had brought to the show, telling the former sales advisor: "You’ve made it really special!"

Paul was grateful for the experience, bidding farewell with his head held high.

"It's been a wonderful wonderful experience Ben, and thank you for having me," he said, wishing his rivals good luck in the competition.

Janice, on the other hand, sailed through to the jackpot round, trumping her opponent Cerys and making it through to the final with a substantial sum of £2,450 in her kitty.

Praising her performance, Ben remarked: "You seem a little dumbstruck!"

"Yes, my struck is dumb, definitely," Janice joked, before sharing her plans to spend her winnings from the game show.

She told Ben: "I went to San Francisco with my husband a couple of years back and I would love to go back with my two boys and take them to Chinatown."

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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