Ben Shephard speechless as Tipping Point guest forgets his name in awkward snub

Ben Shephard was shocked to hear one Tipping Point contestant, Margaret, forgot his name during the show.

Margaret continually referred to Ben as Bob, confusing the ITV quiz host with her partner.

After answering the question correctly, Margaret was given the opportunity to drop her coins in a zone of her choice.

Despite her ability to answer the quizzing questions correctly, Margaret made one blunder which left the host speechless.

When asked which drop zone she wanted, Margaret confidently replied, "Drop zone two again, please, Bob."

Ben Shephard's look to the camera at this point left viewers howling as the contestant appeared unaware of her error.

However, Margaret soon realised her mistake, catching her eyes with Ben and covering her head with shame.

The awkward silence was broken with Ben's bluntly humorous question, "Who's Bob?"

After revealing her partner's name is Bob the two continued to laugh and Margaret joked, "I'm thinking now I'm going to take you home with me."

In a quick-witted back-and-forth Ben replied, "Everyone wins all round then, Margaret. Apart from Bob who might be a bit put out…"

Although Margaret did not manage to win the 10K jackpot she did joke, "If I don't get the jackpot, you're coming home with me."

Margaret did not manage to leave the studio arm-in-arm with Ben. However, she did win 2K to put towards a holiday.

The story comes after fans of ITV quiz show were left hiding behind their hands in yesterday's show.

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As 'cutie' contestant Meghan repeatedly buzzed in too quickly, she became the first to be eliminated from the arcade-based game.

When quizzed by host Ben Shephard on which English Prime Minister was referred to by the initials 'WC', Meghan seemed to mix up her words as she buzzed in quickly to answer: "William Churchill."

Today's episode also left viewers cringing, but had a more successful outcome. Margaret now goes home to partner Bob two thousand pounds richer.

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