Betty Broderick: Did Betty Broderick have a boyfriend after Dan split?

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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is streaming on Netflix now. The series is a dramatisation of what happened to Betty Broderick (played by Amanda Peet) and the harrowing crime she committed. Betty is currently serving 32-years-to life in prison for killing her ex-husband Dan Broderick (Christian Slater) and his new partner, Linda Broderick (Rachel Keller). Dan and Betty’s divorce took almost five years to complete and viewers are wondering if Betty had another man after her 16-year marriage ended. has everything you need to know.

Did Betty Broderick have a boyfriend after Dan split?

In 1982, Dan began having an affair with his new assistant, 21-year-old Linda Kolkena.

Despite Betty’s suspicions of an affair, Dan denied the allegations for several years.

However, in 1985, Dan decided to end his marriage to Betty and began a relationship with Linda.

What followed was four years of a bitter divorce and custody battle between Dan and Betty in what was known as Broderick V Broderick.

In the end, Betty shot dead her ex-husband, Dan Broderick and Linda Broderick on the morning of Sunday, November 5, 1989, as they slept.

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On December 11, 1991, at a courthouse in California, 44-year-old Betty Broderick was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder.

During her time in prison, Betty has given several interviews to the media about her relationship with Dan and the killings.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times in 1990, Betty was asked about whether she had other relationships after she split from Dan.

The LA Times reported Betty had dated and slept with Bradley T Wright for several years and in the morning of November 5, 1989, when she shot Dan and Linda, Bradley was asleep in Betty’s bed at her home.

Brad was contacted by Betty’s friend, Diane Black, who told him Betty had called to say she had shot Dan.

Bradley then contacted a neighbour, a long time friend of Dan’s and rushed to their home, where they found Dan and Linda.

Following the killings, Brad continued to support Betty, selling her house and putting her furniture in storage.

Speaking to the LA Times about her and Brad’s time together, Betty said: “He did the boy jobs; I did the girl jobs.”

However, Betty denied her and Brad were ever dating.

She said: “I’m not the kind of person to be with someone and not be married.

“I never brought Brad anywhere as my date because he was too young. I didn’t want to be the other half of the midlife joke.”

When pressed on why he was sleeping over, Betty said: “It was like having a dog, but he was house trained.”

Betty added: “Dan divorced me totally, completely, but I was still married to him because I had no (final) settlement.

“For five years, he had someone to sleep with, party with, have dinner with. I’m standing there going, ‘What about me?’”

Betty’s younger daughter Kim Broderick told the LA Times she often questioned her mother on her and Dan’s relationship.

She said: “Mom could never admit that she’d ever have a happy life. That
would be admitting that she could get on with herself and that Dad didn’t ruin her life.”

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The story of Bradley and Betty’s relationship was not included in the Netflix series.

Showrunner Alexandra Cunningham told Martinis and Murders podcast in 2019 she decided to not include Bradley in the series due to the way Betty spoke about him.

She said: “The reason that I chose not to do that had a lot to do with how Betty herself talked about him and regarded him.

“Betty was and remains completely embarrassed by her lonely liaison, and that Brad would never really count to her.

“It was clear that his presence in her life did not affect any of her interactions with Dan or her thought process or decision-making.”

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is streaming on Netflix now

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