Bible John: New potential suspects after fresh photofits of ‘bizarre’ serial killer

How newspapers covered the story of Patricia Docker's murder

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The infamous killer is thought to have murdered three young women in Glasgow more than 50 years ago. Bible John stalked the nightclubs of the city’s Barrowland ballroom in the late Sixties, where he is believed to have picked up his victims. The case of the killer, who has never been caught, is set to be examined in a documentary tonight. ‘The Hunt for Bible John’, which was first shown on BBC Scotland/iPlayer last year, will be broadcast on BBC Two.

The two-parter uses archive footage to piece together the scene of the horrendous crimes in Sixties Glasgow.

It features remarkable first-hand testimony from people who were around in the city at the time.

The film also features retired Detective Chief Superintendent Joe Jackson, who was a junior detective constable on the case.

In the run-up to the film being shown, the Bible John case has attracted new interest after new photofits were released.

The updated images were published by the Daily Record, which reported that there are now new potential suspects in the case.

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Dozens of names for Bible John have been sent in by members of the public, according to the newspaper.

A source said: “This man came from a very religious background. He told co-workers he frequented the dance halls at the weekends and his face was remarkably similar to the photofit. Not the painting but the original image.

“His behaviour was increasingly bizarre and worrying and he got into trouble a few times. He died in the mid Seventies, having killed himself in the most awful of manners.”

Colin Thornton digitally aged the original image of the killer to produce a picture of a man in his eighties.

Last month, he said: “I took the artist’s impression and made it more like a photo and realistic.

“Surely someone will recognise him. It might help.”

‘The Hunt for Bible John’ looks at the deaths of Jemima Macdonald, Patricia Docker and Helen Puttock from 1968 to 1969.

The BBC film also features another image of Bible John altered to look how experts think he would appear today.

The drawing was made by police forensic artist Melissa Dring.

The original image of John used by police featured the killer with ginger hair.

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It was created by GW Lennox Paterson from Glasgow School of Art and drew on evidence given by Helen’s sister Jean.

However, unlike the new police forensic image used in the film, Jean’s description did not feature Bible John’s uneven teeth.

Professor David Wilson, who has pored over the case, has said the new image could mark a major breakthrough.

The expert said he believes the image is similar to that of convicted serial killer Peter Tobin, according to the Daily Record.

He said: “These pictures take the Lennox Paterson painting of the man who shared a taxi with Jeannie and age them accordingly, as well as incorporating the distinctive teeth of the man that Jeannie remembered.

“Whilst this is not definitive proof – and the absence of DNA in this case means that we are unlikely to ever have definitive proof – these pictures look to me uncannily like Peter Tobin.”

Tobin has reportedly denied that he was Bible John, telling a fellow inmate at the prison where he is held: “I am not Bible John”.

The second episode of ‘The Hunt for Bible John’ airs on BBC Two tonight from 9pm-10pm.

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